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Kostas Arpatzanis


Welcome to my world of creativity! I’m Kostas Arpatzanis, a passionate 3D modeler, animator, and game developer with a rich history in bringing digital dreams to reality.

With a career spanning over 20+ years, I’ve had the privilege of working on a multitude of exciting projects that have allowed me to express my artistic vision and technical prowess.

Kostas Arpatzanis game developer 3d modeler animator

My Journey in 3D Animation:

Virtual Set Design for “Orpheus and Euridice” 1998:

I started my career as a 3D modeler in my involvement with the production of “Orpheus and Eurydice” back in 1998. I served as the virtual set designer for this mesmerizing project, where I chalenged in building virtual sets of ancient Greece. It was an honor to contribute to a production that pushed the boundaries of storytelling through cutting-edge technology.

The technology employed for the movie was built upon Silicon Graphics Computers, along with Alias Wavefront software, which served as the precursor to Autodesk Maya.

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Personal Project 1999:

This personal project served as an experiment, allowing me to delve into and master the latest features of 3DS MAX.

Portfolio Project “Aquarium” 2000:

In the year 2000, I embarked on a journey to showcase my prowess in 3D modeling and animation to prospective employers. My inspiration? The captivating artistry of Rodney Matthews.

In this project, I harnessed the full potential of 3D Studio MAX. Due to the project’s age, the resolution may be lower by today’s standards. I employed Adobe Photoshop for texture creation and leveraged Premiere Pro for video editing.

Alter Channel 2001-2005:

As a 3D modeler and animator, my primary role revolved around the creation of virtual sets and animations for television shows. Additionally, I was actively engaged in producing a series of children’s educational video clips, where I designed sets and crafted animations that captivated young audiences.

My toolkit for these endeavors included industry-standard software such as Maya, Photoshop, VizArtist, Premiere Pro, and various other specialized tools.

Unity & education:

KPO Computer Learning Center 2006 – 2023:

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring aspiring artists and creators in the realm of 3D graphics and animation, utilizing tools like 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender to impart knowledge and foster talent.

Around 2012, a pivotal moment occurred when I encountered a game development software called GameMaker, which ignited my passion for game creation. This discovery led me to Unity, where I knew I wanted to delve deeper into the world of game development.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting numerous courses and guiding hundreds of enthusiastic young minds in the art of game development. While I’ve created a handful of small games for clients, my dedication to teaching has limited my involvement in larger-scale projects.

Below, you’ll find samples of some of these small projects and lesson examples that showcase the journey I’ve embarked upon in the dynamic world of game development.